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Accord offers a huge selection of high quality ducted heating and cooling floor vents, floor registers floor grilles and wall vents to enhance the look of any home or business. Vents are in a wide variety of styles including: louvered, victorian, marquis and modern wicker look - plus the new aluminium bar grilles. You can choose from metal, wood or plastic floor vents. Stay tuned for more designs coming soon.

Whether you recently replaced your carpet or flooring, installed ducted heating or cooling - or just want to update the decor of your home, Accord has the right floor vents to put the finishing touch on your home improvement project.

Accord vents are available at Bunnings Victorian stores. If you arent in Victoria, it is easy to order online - delivery charge is just $17.50 per order order, across Australia.

You can match your floor vents to your flooring material - or co-ordinate floor vent finishes and styles with the rest of your room decor. New finishes (such as satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze) and new designs provide great alternatives to traditional plastic registers and Victorian styles. The range of floor vents are all in the traditional 10cm x 30cm (100 x 300mm) size as well as 15cm x 35cm (150 x 350mm) sizes. This represents the size of the neck, or hole - as the face of the vent is a little larger. We have also just launched a new range of 10cm x 40cm (100 x 00m) vents. 

Accord simply makes the job easier. Just lift out your old floor vents and drop in a new Accord floor vent or floor register to give an instant face-lift for your home.

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News and Updates

Check out the air vent filters and air deflectors when you are looking at the range of floor vents - they can improve the performance and efficiency of your system. Many of our floor vents and floor registers come in both 100x300mm and 150x350mm size - so you can match vents across sizes. We have also just launched a 100x400mm (10cm x 40cm) floor vent. Product is still 2 months away, but you can pre-order now to avoid missing out. If you would like further information on this, please email us at .

We have just launched 6 new contemporary aluminium bar grilles into the range - check them out. They are a great look for modern homes particularly.  

We also have 3 sizes of wall vents if you are looking to replace these as well. Stay tuned in late 2014 for some exciting new product releases.

Product Information

Accord is the largest supplier of floor vents, floor registers and floor grilles in Australia. Buy online or check out the range at Bunnings (Victorian stores only). All our vents are extensively quality tested to ensure that they are of high quality and are long lasting. We are constantly looking to update the range and keep it contemporary.

For online sales, freight is just $17.50 per order (including GST) - and we deliver most orders via Australia Post. This charge is the same whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or elsewhere- even in regional areas

All vents have fully adjustable dampers so that you can cut-off or regulate air flow to meet your ventilation needs.

Make sure that you select the right size of floor vent. Remember that the key measurement is the size of the hole (or neck of the vent) not the total face size of the vent.

Replacing your vents is an easy way to update the look of your home. Replacing tired old vents can make a room come to life again. All of our registers have a lever and dampers - so that you can regulat air flow as you require.